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    July 12, 2024

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      Local 302 Sacramento Kings Day
      SAMLU Portland 2023
      2023 Sacramento QWL Day
      Redding 100% Membership jackets

      Stockton Arch Road S&DC Open House
      Fresno Branch Meeting March 2023
      Redding Branch Meeting February 2023
      California Postal Legislative Coalition
      Save The PO Redding Strawberry Festival
      North Bay Branch Meeting 2023
      2023 Officer Inauguration
      Sacramento branch Meeting 2024
      Sonny Esgierra Retirement
      Sacramento MHA Orientation February 2024
      SF Branch Meeting
      SF Veterans
      SF Veteran Display
      SF NDC Branch Meeting 2024
      North Bay Branch Meeting TV raffle winner
      2023 SAMLU Reno, Nv
      San Jose Branch Meeting June 2023
      Fresno Branch Meeting March 2023
      QTR 2 - 2023
      SF Retiree Helen Cerda
      Donna Tran Retirement SJ
      NORTH BAY APRIL 2022
      Fairfield office 2024
      San Jose Membership Drive 2024
      40 Years of Service Pizza Party SF


      Mail Handlers to Receive Night Shift Differential Increase

      May 10, 2024- As provided for in Article 8.7 of the NPMHU 2022 National Agreement, effective May 18, 2024 (PP12-24); the flat dollar amount at Steps A through P at each pay grade for night shift differential in Tables Three and Four shall be increased by 1.5%, the flat dollar amount at Steps A of Table 3 and Steps BB and AA for Table Four through P at each pay grade for night shift differential in Tables Three and Four shall be increased by 2.0%. All increases will be applied to the most recent night shift differential table preceding the increase. The increase is applicable for time worked between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. This is the second of three Night Shift Differential increases negotiated in the 2022 National Agreement.


      NPMHU Nationwide Organizing Campaign

      NPMHU Nationwide Organizing Campaign
      Join the Union – Join the Fight
      It’s a Career Decision!

      Although the National Postal Mail Handlers Union enjoys a high rate of membership across the country, there remain some mail handler craft employees who are not yet members of the NPMHU.  Since all mail handlers share in the rewards and benefits that are provided by the NPMHU -- through its work in collective bargaining, and through its efforts to represent craft workers in various other forums -- we’re sure you will agree that all Mail Handlers should do the right thing, and join the ranks of the NPMHU.

      In an effort to unify our membership during these difficult and uncertain times, and to increase the collective strength of our great Union, the NPMHU Committee on the Future has initiated a nationwide organizing campaign.  The theme of this campaign is “Join the Union, Join the Fight – Benefits, Protection, Membership!”  There are some who take for granted the hard-fought salary and benefit package that Mail Handlers enjoy.  Many of those individuals do not recognize and value the hard work that NPMHU representatives provide, day in and day out, to secure and maintain the postal careers that we have in place.  It’s very important that we all work together to make the non-member hold-outs understand that they have their mail handler positions only because of the strength and commitment of the NPMHU – and that the time has come for them to join and support the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. 

      The National Office is has distributed to the Local Unions monthly updated reports that list the names of all non-members.  We encourage all to review the online organizing materials during discussions with non-members.  

      So, urge all mail handlers to Join the Union, Join the Fight – Benefits, Protection, Membership!

      APR 9

      Contract Interpretation Manual v.6

      Link to CIM v.6

      I am pleased to announce that the NPMHU-USPS Joint Contract Interpretation Manual (CIM) Version 6 has been completed and is being released today. The printing of the hard copy of the CIM is underway. The electronic (pdf) version has been released today, and is posted on the National website under the Member Resources tab.

      The National Office will be bulk-shipping printed CIM 6 Manuals to each Local Union Headquarters. The number of CIM’s shipped to each Local Headquarters will include one CIM for each identified Union Representative, with additional copies for future Shop Stewards.

      The Contract Administration Department is currently working diligently “linking” each source document referenced in the CIM to the actual citation in the manual. When CIM Version 6 with resources is complete, the National Office will post the CIM Version 6 with resources on the National website, where it shall be available on MAILS.


      Uniform and Work Clothes Annual Allowance Carry Over

      Re: Uniform and Work Clothes Annual Allowance Carry Over (pdf)

      Effective March 13, 2024 the following provision of Article 26, Section 26.3 of the 2022 National Agreement will be implemented:

      Unused portions of an eligible employee’s annual allowance for uniform and work clothing will be carried over and available for use beginning twelve (12) months after the end of each anniversary year. An eligible employee’s uniform and work clothing allowance balance may not exceed the sum of two (2) years of the employee’s annual allowance entitlement. This uniform and work clothing program adjustment will be implemented no later than twelve (12) months from the ratification date of the 2022 Agreement. 

      Any unused portion of an eligible employee’s annual allowance starting 3/13/2024 will be accumulated and will be reflected in the employee’s uniform allowance accounts starting 03/13/2025 at the end of each of their anniversary year. 


      MOU: Sorting and Delivery Centers (S&DC) Staffing

      RE: MOU: Sorting and Delivery Centers (S&DC) Staffing (pdf)

      Enclosed is a copy of a recently signed MOU on the Staffing of the Sorting and Delivery Centers (S&DCs) between the USPS and the NPMHU. The S&DCs are a new facility from the Deliver for America Plan that will create large carrier stations by consolidating smaller offices.

      As set forth in the MOU the parties agree to allow management to exceed the MHA and/or PTF cap for a period of 120 days from the activation of an S&DC. During this period a jurisdictional inventory per the RI-399 process should be completed. At the end of the 120 days the USPS and NPMHU will discuss the staffing of the S&DC.

      Should you have any questions about these appeals or implementation of the MOU in any particular facility, please contact the National CAD.


      2022 National Agreement - Distribution

      The formatting and review of the 2022 National Agreement has been completed and sent to the printer. The 2022 National Agreement expires on September 20, 2025. The printed bounded copies of the 2022 National Agreement for each member will be shipped in bulk to each Local Union Headquarters. The Local Union will then distribute a copy to each member. The pdf version of the 2022 National Agreement is now posted and available for download on the National website (npmhu.org) on the home page under the Member Resources tab.

      Download a copy of the current 2022 National Agreement (pdf)

      Tabbed and bookmarked version (pdf)

      Link to Member Resources 2022 National Agreement

      USPS issues updates for User Guide and FAQs to Enroll and Sign in to LiteBlue with Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

      Dear Brothers and Sisters:

      Please find enclosed a copy of the above-reference USPS issues updates for User Guide and FAQs to Enroll and Sign in to LiteBlue with Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

      According to the Postal Service, maintaining the privacy of the employees' personal data is a shared priority of the Postal Service. Your private information stored online is a target for criminals who seek to compromise this data for their financial gain. As an additional safety measure, the Postal Service has deployed multifactor authentication (MFA) on LiteBlue.

      This means that, in addition to providing your Employee Identification Number (EIN) and Password, you will be required to provide a second security factor (MFA), such as Push Notification approval from Okta Verify, Google Authenticator, One-Time Passcode (OTP) SMS Text, One-Time Passcode (OTP) Phone call or E-mail verification (default).

      After January 15, 2023, employees are required to set up MFA to access LiteBlue.

      After March 20, 2023, employees must have MFA enabled to access LiteBlue and their Self­ Service Profile (SSP).

      • _Employees who have already set up MFA can sign in to both LiteBlue and SSP. No additional action required.
      • _Employees who have not set up MFA will receive a letter by U.S. Mail. Follow the instructions to enable MFA.
      • _New employees should follow the instructions in their USPS welcome letter or email to set up MFA.

      The objectives of this document are to provide detailed instructions for users who are establishing a security method (or methods) to sign in to LiteBlue with multifactor authentication and to provide detailed instructions on how to access your Self-Service Profile.

      Please disseminate this information as you deem appropriate. Should you have any questions contact the Contract Administration Department.



      Annual Leave Carryover for Leave Year 2024 and Annual Leave Exchange Option for Leave Year 2024

      Re: New Memoranda of Understanding - Annual Leave Carryover for Leave Year 2024 and Annual Leave Exchange Option for Leave Year 2024 (pdf)

      Please find attached a copy of two new Memoranda of Understanding that expands annual leave benefits for the 2023 leave year.

      The first MOU allows for additional Annual Leave Carryover for the 2024 Leave Year. In the 2022 National Agreement, the MOU on Annual Leave Carryover allows regular work force employees to carryover 440 hours of accumulated annual leave. The new MOU on Annual Leave Carryover for Leave Year 2024 expands that limit and allows regular work force employees to carryover 520 hours of accumulated leave from leave year 2023 to leave year 2024.

      The second MOU deals with the Annual Leave Exchange Option for the 2024 Leave Year.  The Annual Leave Exchange Option MOU for Leave Year 2023 will allow career employees to sell back a maximum of 80 hours of annual leave prior to the beginning of the leave year provided the following criteria is met: 1) The employee must be at the maximum leave carryover ceiling (440 hours) at the start of the leave year and 2) the employee must have used fewer than 75 sick leave hours in the 2023 leave year. Normally the maximum amount of hours that may be sold back under the 2022 National Agreement MOU on Annual Leave Exchange Option is limited to 40 hours.

      If you have any questions, please contact the National Contract Administrative Department.



      The terms of the 2022 National Agreement between the NPMHU and the U.S. Postal Service were officially ratified on March 13, 2023.  The certified results show that over 84% of the membership approved the new contract, with the final vote tally at 6,617 in favor of ratification and 1,237 in opposition to ratification.

      Further details about the implementation of the 2022 National Agreement will be provided to Local Union officers and representatives in the coming weeks. All members are encouraged to retain and utilize their copy of the ratification booklet until National Agreements are printed and distributed.

      National Arbitration Decision on Automated Delivery Unit Sorter (ADUS) (pdf) (Updated Decision October 17, 2022) We are enclosing a copy of National Arbitrator Joseph Sharnoff’s long-awaited decision in the RI-399 jurisdictional dispute concerning the Automated Delivery Unit Sorter or ADUS.

      March 29, 2022 - Please find linked here, a copy of two new Memoranda of Understanding that expands annual leave benefits for the 2022 leave year. (pdf) The first MOU allows for additional Annual Leave Carryover for the 2022 Leave Year.


      March 25, 2022- Memorandum of Understanding - COVID-19 Test Kit Fulfillment Pilot MHA Retention Lists (pdf) As you know the USPS has contracted with the Biden administration to deliver 500 million COVID-19 Test Kits.

      Due to the perfect storm of the Omicron variant and holiday gatherings, the COVID-19 numbers are spiking. The system put in place by management to protect employees from the spread of the virus crumbled under the increase of USPS employees testing positive for the virus. After two years of this pandemic, members wonder how they will pay their bills if they are forced to quarantine.

      Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) set at $1,331 Effective February 26, 2022 (Pay Period 06-2022), all career Mail Handler craft employees are scheduled to receive a cost-of-living (COLA) adjustment as outlined in Article 9.3 of the 2019 National Agreement. This is the fifth of six possible COLA increases under the terms of the current agreement.

      After more than a decade of working with our union brothers and sisters, postal management, Democrats, and Republicans, the NPMHU is pleased to announce that the House of Representatives passed the Postal Service Reform Act, H.R. 3076, on February 8, 2022.

      February 3, 2022 - Memorandum to Local Presidents re: Jurisdictional Determination re: Operator Position on Advanced Facer Canceller System (AFCS) Legacy Machines (pdf) Linked here, please find a copy of National Arbitrator Sharnoff’s decision on the dispute concerning the Advanced Facer Canceller System (AFCS) Legacy machine.

      Re: Memorandum of Understanding - COVID-19 Test Kit Fulfillment Pilot MHA Retention Lists (pdf) The parties have agreed to a new Memorandum of Understanding regarding the COVID-19 Test Kit Fulfillment Pilot MHA Retention Lists.

      President's Message

      Greetings Local 302 members and friends!
      I would like to wish you and your families a happy, healthy and safe summer!
      As we enter the 4 th year of Postmaster Louis DeJoy’s 10 year Delivering For America (DFA) plan, we are
      beginning to feel the effects of facility consolidations and redesignations throughout our jurisdiction.
      The plans for Sacramento to become a Regional Processing and Distribution Center (RPDC) continue,
      and they are scheduled to start receiving outgoing mail from the Reno and Fresno P&DCs this summer.
      Those facilities are being repurposed as Local Processing Centers (LPC) co-located with Sorting and
      Delivery Centers (S&DC). Despite the recently announced pause in further consolidation of the USPS
      processing network, these previously scheduled changes are still moving forward. The approved Mail
      Processing Facility Reviews project the loss of 23 mail handler positions in Reno (17 career and 6 MHA)
      and 11 mail handler positions in Fresno (10 career and 1 MHA). We have not received any official
      notification of realignment or excessing, but we will ensure that they comply with all of their contractual
      obligations. A grievance has already been initiated on the improper movement of outgoing mail from
      Redding to Sacramento in April.
      As part of the DFA plan to consolidate carrier routes, three facilities in our jurisdiction have been
      reclassified as SDCs (Palo Alto, Stockton West Lane and Stockton Arch Road). We are currently working
      on identifying and establishing mail handler work and positions in those facilities. With the help of State
      Board Representative Fernando Matta and National Article 12 task force representative Tom Ruther, we
      are optimistic that we can create additional mail handler staffing in all 3 of these facilities.
      Local 302 recently conducted multiple shop steward trainings to ensure that our stewards are ready to
      face these challenges now and in the future. National Trainer John Gibson and Western Regional Vice
      President Don Sneesby conducted in depth training on defense vs. discipline and initiating cross craft
      grievances this June for every Local 302 steward. Additionally, Local 302 trainer Juanita Contreras
      conducted two separate New Steward training sessions for newly certified shop stewards. Sister
      Contreras also conducted an OWCP training for representatives Jennifer Escobar, Gabe Bonayon,
      Elizabeth Woldruff and Mark Greely (Reno), Sonja Miller (Oakland), Krista Cardenas, William Baker and
      Jade Waldo Knight (Sacramento), James Williams (North Bay), Sarah Young and Kendra Sherer (Eureka),
      and Wazeer Livingson (NDC). This training will allow us to assist our members who are injured on the job
      in OWCP and ELM 546 issues. Further, a Chief Steward Meeting was held on March 13 th to discuss ways
      to mentor newer stewards and improve representation for all of our members. Attending were Chief
      Stewards Fernando Matta, Shawn Dalton and Krista Cardenas from Sacramento, James Moore and
      Sharon Holmes from Oakland, Ruben Riguero from San Francisco, Gabe Bonayon from Reno and Wazeer
      Livingston from NDC. Finally, most of our branches conducted in house shop steward training with their
      Branch Presidents and I to address specific issues going on in each individual facility.
      We are pleased to announce the Local 302 Judges of Election (Wazeer Livingston, Michael Paulo and
      myself) certified the results for our Convention delegate election process for the August 2024 NPMHU
      Convention to be held in Las Vegas. The official delegates will be Chrystal Wilson, Elizabeth Anderson,
      Fernando Matta, Harpreet Singh, James Moore, James Williams, Jennifer Escobar, Krista Cardenas,
      Ruben Martin Jr., Shawn Dalton, Steve Gutierrez, William Baker and automatic delegate Tony Coleman. I
      will be serving on the Constitution Committee and Treasurer Shawn Dalton will be serving on the
      Resolutions Committee. You can follow the plans and progress of the NPMHU Convention on

      As a result of the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022, the USPS will be migrating from the Federal
      Employee Health Benefit plan (FEHB) to the Postal Service Health Benefit plan (PSHB) in 2025. The USPS
      is conducting webinars and sending mailings with additional information. Local 302 has designated
      Chrystal Wilson and Jennifer Escobar as specialists on this issue, and they will be receiving training in the
      upcoming months to help assist with any issues that arise from this change. If you have any questions,
      please direct them to npmhulocal302@gmail.com and we will do our best to get you the information
      you need.
      Local 302 continues to host extracurricular events for our members throughout the Local. We held a
      picnic in Redding at Anderon park this June, and will be hosting our annual summer picnic at Elk Grove
      park on September 7 (picnic flyer located in this newsletter). We will also sponsor a picnic for our Reno
      members later this Summer, check the calendar on our website www.npmhulocal302.org for more
      information. In March, Local 302 sponsored a group outing to the Sacramento Kings/Houston Rockets
      game at Golden One Center in downtown Sacramento. Discounted tickets, cowbells and access to a
      pregame “high five” experience were provided for our members and their families. We look forward to
      being able to sponsor future outings of this nature throughout the Local.
      Please join me in thanking the volunteers who serve as shop stewards representing the members of
      Local 302. It is a huge challenge to stay well-versed on all of the rules and regulations necessary to police
      the contract and properly represent the 2,000 mail handlers in our area. This job has become
      progressively more difficult as management makes more and more changes to improve efficiency. In
      addition to saving the jobs and protecting the benefits of our members, these stewards have won
      hundreds of thousands of dollars in grievance money for our members this year at grievance steps 1, 2,
      3, arbitration and pre-arbitration! Reno recently divvied up a $235,000 settlement won by Branch
      President Jennifer Escobar for their approximately 80 members. These guys do an awesome job for you,
      and we greatly appreciate their efforts and contributions! If you are interested in joining our team as a
      shop steward, let me or your Branch President know. We frequently conduct new shop steward training
      at the Local.
      Local 302 continues to secure MHA conversions of our Mail Handler Assistants to Full Time Regular and
      Full Time Flexible career positions. The FTF language in our most recent contract ensures that MHAs in
      200 man hour offices (most offices) will be converted to FTF career positions 2 years after their MHA
      appointment. This is especially critical right now at a time when management is citing low mail volume
      as a reason to drastically reduce MHA hours. If you are an MHA and your hours are reduced, you may be
      eligible for unemployment benefits. In California, you can apply through edd.ca.gov/unemployment and
      in Nevada, that website is ui.nv.gov.
      In this newsletter you will find a catalog from ADCO of free items you can order as a member of Local
      302. In appreciation of your continued membership, Local 302 will purchase one free item from this
      catalog for you. If you would like additional items, they can be purchased at the listed pricing. Ordered
      items will be delivered sometime this fall. The ordering process is quick and easy, but don’t hesitate to
      ask a steward for assistance if you need help ordering your free item.
      Thanks again for your membership and support of NPMHU Local 302!

      Action Center



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